Saturday, October 16, 2010

Juggerlord with deamon weapon

After a game my buddies played where a CSM lord on juggernaut completely annihilated a whole squad of zerkers in top khornate fashion my buddy dan has had the hots for that build. Dan is a really good player but lacking much interest in actually building the model i told him id take it up for him. Now ive got around to actually working on it here's some pics. There's still a bit of green stuff work to be done but its pretty much finished.
The deamon weapon was made from a fantasy range weapon (chaos warriors), 2 CSM terminator axe heads and the flames from a torch out of the flagellants kit. Everything else is pretty noticeable. Just random CSM bits mostly. I am attempting to GS up a wolf head backpack to look like juggernaut heads but i may just end up making him a cape too.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dark Eldar/ Eldar

Better late then never but here are the pics i got at games day UK. Theres more in alblum but i think these are the ones peaople will want to see the most.