Thursday, August 27, 2009


FW order

Got some goodies from FW. Upgrage packs, hellblade, rhino/land raider upgrades, nurgle sorcerer and zhufor. Pretty happy with it and everything looks good. A bit of bending as ussual and got them all cleaned up. Hopefully I have them together and some updates soon.

termi upgrades

Now when i bought the hellblade i was a little skeptical about how it looked. I bought it simply for some air support in my apoc games. After i got it all together im very impressed with it and I LOVE THIS MODEL! Very likely, this will be the first one with paint on it.


Friday, August 7, 2009

All cleaned up

Hobby desk

Got my hobby table all cleaned up along with the rest of the apartment. I have a lot more gumption to paint with a clean workplace. I have a lot to work on and hopefully i can make better progress now. Built about 30 CSM marines ready for base coat. Have a few landraiders and rhinos ready to paint in between to break it up. Hopefully i can get some work done on the traitor guard in between too.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Black Legion

I am for the most part a modeler. I enjoy conerting and kitbashing for the most part. Since the begining of my warhammer career i have never really had the focus nor the will to sit down and actually complete something. Since my reentry in the gaming with 5th edition ive been getting more and more into the painting aspect as i try to complete and tourney worthy army. After reading through masses of tutorial and buying a set of W&N series 7 brushes ive been getting some results that i am very happy with. Still a bit WIP but here are some of the results.

BLdread front

BLdread side



I had tried NMM gold when i started up again as i was never a big fan of metalics and a big fan of NMM. I could get a good result but not a great result out of NMM. It was very frustrating to say the least. When i came across Black Matt's blog it really inspired me to try out some metalics and im very happy with the results.

Doomblater Progress

I have the main body of this conversion finished. Really whats left is a horde of detailing and adding in the crew. I am still waiting on my FW zerker upgrades for the 4 zerkers i need. 2 to be loading shells into the comparment and 1 on each side above filling couldrons with blood. Then when you remove the top there will be 2 bloodletters loading the shells into the mortars staning in a pool of blood. Its gone very well so far. Hopefully i can get those upgrades soon and finish it up. BTW, I normally dont primer anything till im copletly done but i had to to be able to play it in our lucky 13 campaign.