Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DG termies

This thread currently under construction :P. trying to figure out the pics. Ive reposting this dang thing like 10 times so hopefully its not measing things up. blah!

Got 5 termies finished. Same scheme as the Sorcerer. Need to finish the sorcerer backpack and ill be done with that model. 10 DG marines then all my nurgle stuff will be done. After that it will be back to CSM squads and most likely a few rhino's.


  1. Hey those are some awesome Termies. The purple works surprisingly well

  2. They look great but trying to load the larger version is almost impossible for me.

    I'm dying to see the deatils on those guys.

  3. Looks awesome. I would love to see the completed unit.

  4. This paint job does Father Nurgle proud. I like that shade of has the proper amount of putrescence.