Monday, August 9, 2010


Recently i was lucky enough to get into a house and thanks to Uncle Sam I was able to purchase a renegade army and some other cool FW stuff. Been building on that for the last month. The macharius was an easy build. While i don't have great expectations for it on the battlefield it should do some damage and it will look awesome.

Here we have some of the Vracks stuff i got. Plague ogryn, renegade ogryn and 2 nurgle dreads. The nurgle stuff is extremely detailed and I imagine its going to be a pain picking out all those details.

Lastly we get to my Cygnar army. This thing seems to grow every time i turn around. The painted stuff i have is my most recent acquisition. I don't expect to get any of my own painting done on these guys with the deadline for my 1500 point 40k army. I'm really looking forward to laying paint on them though and as I took some extra time off following my trip should have some up shortly after i get back.

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