Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Black Legion

I am for the most part a modeler. I enjoy conerting and kitbashing for the most part. Since the begining of my warhammer career i have never really had the focus nor the will to sit down and actually complete something. Since my reentry in the gaming with 5th edition ive been getting more and more into the painting aspect as i try to complete and tourney worthy army. After reading through masses of tutorial and buying a set of W&N series 7 brushes ive been getting some results that i am very happy with. Still a bit WIP but here are some of the results.

BLdread front

BLdread side



I had tried NMM gold when i started up again as i was never a big fan of metalics and a big fan of NMM. I could get a good result but not a great result out of NMM. It was very frustrating to say the least. When i came across Black Matt's blog it really inspired me to try out some metalics and im very happy with the results.

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