Thursday, August 27, 2009


FW order

Got some goodies from FW. Upgrage packs, hellblade, rhino/land raider upgrades, nurgle sorcerer and zhufor. Pretty happy with it and everything looks good. A bit of bending as ussual and got them all cleaned up. Hopefully I have them together and some updates soon.

termi upgrades

Now when i bought the hellblade i was a little skeptical about how it looked. I bought it simply for some air support in my apoc games. After i got it all together im very impressed with it and I LOVE THIS MODEL! Very likely, this will be the first one with paint on it.



  1. I've been contemplating buying one myself for some time... but it looks so simple I really can't bare to throw down the money for its price. Much rather try my hand at a scratch build.
    Sweet Terminators though.

  2. Ya, coming in at 75$ US its got a pretty hefty price tag. I was considering scratch building one myself but i often find i have more xtra cash sitting around then i do time. Im pretty sure theres some templates floating around.